Build Your Own Bet

Are you ready to get creative with customised betting opportunities? Exclusively available on the YoBet mobile sportsbook , the Build Your Own Bet feature allows you to build your own bet. You can now mix and match different selections on a variety of football & basketball markets to create your perfect punt*.

Build Your Own Bet allows you to combined multiple markets into one bet on football & basketball events! Bets can be made up of multiple markets, including those that involve Goals, Halves, Corners, Players & Cards…And what’s more, it’s easy to do; let us show you how;

Follow the steps below on your mobile device accordingly:

  • Choose the football or basketball event that you would like to place a bet on and enable the 'Build A Bet' option.
  • You can choose anything from TWO (2) to SIX (6) markets on the event.
  • Your selection will be added to the mini bet slip, located at the bottom.
  • Choose your stake.
  • Click on the 'Place Your Bet' option.
  • Relax and enjoy Build Your Own Bet all the way!

  • *Your Bet is only available for football markets on the YoBet Mobile Sportsbook

    Terms & Conditions:

    • 'Build Your Own Bet' is available for football & basketball events only.
    • 'Build Your Own Bet' is available for pre-match & in-play markets.
    • 'Build Your Own Bet' can be placed as a single bet only and cannot be combined with other events.
    • The minimum number of selections which can be included in 'Build Your Own Bet' is TWO (2).
    • The maximum number of selections which can be included in 'Build Your Own Bet' is SIX (6).
    • If a selection within 'Build Your Own Bet' is void or cancelled, the entirety of the 'Build Your Own Bet' will be void.
    • 'Build Your Own Bet' may not be the subject of Cash Out, Partial Cash Out or Add2Bet.
    • 'Build Your Own Bet' is subject to the relevant Betting Rules for each sport & market offered.
    • ‘Build Your Own Bet’ may only be valid in respect of a period within regulation time (including any additional time and/or overtime played during the regulation period) of the event. Extra time and penalties in football events are excluded.
    • 'Build Your Own Bet' may by placed using a combination of cash and/or bonus funds from your Total Balance.
    • Unless explicitly stated, ‘Build Your Own Bet’ shall not be placed using existing Bonus Tokens.
    • Unless explicitly stated, 'Build Your Own Bet' shall not contribute toward the eligibility requirements for a promotion and shall not contribute to the wagering requirements of any promotion.
    • provides no guarantee that the 'Build Your Own Bet' facility will be available for a specific event, market, period or player.
    • reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disable the 'Build Your Own Bet' facility at any time and without prior notice.
    •’s general site Terms and Conditions apply.
    • Please gamble responsibly. For more information, visit