Pulse Bet

With our Pulse Bet product, you can feel the love and win in a snap! Available exclusively on the YoBet sportsbook mobile app, Pulse Bet allows you to predict (and profit on) when the next goal will be scored in a live football game. Whether it is in the next 10 minutes, 5 minutes, 1 minute or 30 seconds, if it happens within your chosen time period, you too can score*; with progressively bigger prizes the shorter the lead-time. Over and above this, the closer the goal happens to the end of your selected slot, the more you can win. Never has in-play punting been more exciting. Get ready to place those football bets packed with power!

*See our Terms & Conditions below

How it Works

  1. Login to the YoBet Sportsbook mobile app.
  2. Place a bet on a goal to be scored in the next 10 mins, 5 mins, 1min, or 30 secs of the game
  3. The Pulse Bet is then divided into 3 time periods, with the win amount increasing in each.
  4. If a goal is scored within your selection(s), then you win. Better yet, the closer it is to the end of your time period, the bigger the win!

See the Pulse Bet time periods below:

Pulse Bet Periods 1st Period
2nd Period
3rd Period
Goal in the next 30 sec First 14 secs 15 - 24 secs Last 5 secs
Goal in the next 1 min First 29 secs 30 - 49 secs Last 10 secs
Goal in the next 5 mins Up to 02:59 03:00 - 04:29 Last 30 secs
Goal in the next 10 mins Up to 04:59 05:00 - 08:59 Last 1 min

*Note: Pulse Bets are only available on the YoBet mobile Sportsbook

Terms & Conditions:

  • These Pulse Bets Terms are inseparably linked to our Terms & Conditions, of which they form a part, and acceptance of these Pulse Bet Terms is a prerequisite to account registration. Any capitalized terms used herein which are not defined shall take their meaning from the Terms & Conditions.
  • Unless stated otherwise, Pulse Bets shall be available on any regular time (i.e. 2x45 min. standard halves) soccer games for goals during the following periods: next 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, and 10 minutes.
  • A Pulse Bet shall be considered placed upon clicking on the “Place Pulse Bet” button.
  • A Pulse Bet may only be placed during regular time of the game (i.e. 1st half until 45th minute, 2nd half until the 90th minute) and in respect of the regular time of the game. Customers may not place a Pulse Bet in respect of period which includes time outside of the regular time of the game.
  • A Pulse Bet placed during added time, extra time or any other period outside of regular time (except for half-time) of the game shall not be valid.
  • Your Pulse Bet shall be settled as won based on the first goal scored within the period designated in your Pulse Bet only. Any subsequent goals scored during the period of your Pulse Bet shall not have any effect on settlement.
  • Any Pulse Bet placed during half-time shall commence from the beginning of the 46th minute i.e. upon 2nd half kick-off.
  • If your Pulse Bet is settled as won, your stake and winnings shall be credited to your account within 5-10 minutes thereof;
  • Pulse Bets are finally settled based on YoBet’s official and reliable sources providing live data during each game.
  • If your Pulse Bet is settled as won, the amount of any Free Bet used to place the Pulse Bet shall not be stake-returned;
  • Pulse Bets may be placed, partially or entirely, using Free Bets and/or bonus funds and any winnings shall be credited in accordance with the YoBet General Promotion Terms.
  • Pulse Bets may not be the subject of Cashout, Partial Cashout, or Add to Bet.
  • Unless stated otherwise, Pulse Bets shall contribute towards fulfilling the turnover requirements of a bonus or promotion.
  • Unless stated otherwise, Pulse Bets shall not contribute towards eligibility requirements of a bonus or promotion.